Skrill Overview


Top e-wallet for online betting, supported at all casinos

Skrill is an online payment gateway that has long been familiar with online gambling and MMO. If you do not know yet, let’s find out what Skrill is and how to use Skrill to pay online and deposit / withdraw money.

What is a Skrill?

Skrill is an electronic wallet, provided by the PaySafe Group, a multinational online payment company based in London, England.

With Skrill electronic wallet, you can transfer money – receive instant cash only with email address . Over the years millions of people around the world have used Skrill to send money to relatives, friends, pay for services, deposit / withdraw money, get money Affiliate, etc. in a safe and convenient way.

Why use Skrill?

Secure payment online because just use email and password instead of using the card.
All transactions and personal information are strictly confidential, in accordance with sensitive activities such as football betting, poker , online casino …
Transactions are made instant, without waiting time, with low fees.

How to use Skrill?

#1. Create Account: It only takes a few minutes to create a Skrill Wallet and is ready to use.

#2. Load / Buy: Recharge your Skrill Card from your international payment card (no deposit), or purchase Skrill from anyone else (can be used for any purpose).

#3. Payment: Use Skrill to send money to anyone, pay for goods / services online, add money to online accounts such as betting, poker, forex, stock …

#4. Get money: Get money from partners, including winnings … into the Skrill wallet.

#5. Withdraw / Sell money: Withdraw money from your Skrill wallet to a bank account or receive a BankPlus Viettel. Or sell Skrill to other users.

How to use the electronic wallet Skrill

Use a Skrill Wallet as a means to recharge – withdraw money online
Skrill is the online leader in online money transfer. All online betting sites now support Skrill pay-per-click with secure, fast-paced.

For Vietnamese players, to play at the house, international casinos you are required to use intermediary payment means is electronic wallet. The reason is because local banks do not allow direct transfer of funds by card to the betting site.

Note that you can still recharge your Skrill card with a Vietnamese card, but that money can not be used for betting purposes . Therefore, to play online betting, poker, etc., it is best to use Skrill services . Now you can buy Skrill when you need to recharge your bets and withdraw money to Skrill then sell it back to the user, the service is very easy. For example, the MMO4me forum is where you can find a lot of reputable buying partners.

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